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[suggestion] - Allow monkey raids to become more dangerous over time

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I've been thinking that just like it happens with hound waves (getting harder to beat over time), the Monkey raid boats after day 100 should probably have cannons that shoot you when getting closer to your boat, have kelp bumpers, and 2-3 more monkeys in them.

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i like it! i was disappointed at first when i spot they dont having cannons in their boats 

some of them could also use dark swords since scimitars feels very pirate

i would love that but also i think that maybe they should be less dangerous in early. I cant think hie less experienced players will deal with them with wooden armor and healing salves when i have already fear of encountering them with my thulecite crown and bone armor

im loving them and didn't have enough time to experience much raids but damn, 2 raids in a row feels kinds busted, hilarious but busted. Others suggested including a cooldown and might be a good idea instead of my suggestion but would be cool if there remains a chance of getting more than 1 in little time, hearing that silly music while you are recovering from the previous atack is really funny, fearsome and exciting


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