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Moon Quay Queen interactions

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Currently after all blueprints were given, the queen's main use is to remove cursed necklaces of you. 
I've been thinking that maybe after giving her enough bananas (lets say 10) she reveals one of the pirate monkey stashes on the map for you.

Perhaps only 2 can exist at any given time and only a few days after they have been dug, she reveals more. It could be a nice little "radiant" quest.
Also Maybe being Wonkey can get this from giving her other fruits or berries, and giving her much less than 10.

On one hand this is to make the process cheaper for Wonkey, and on the other hand, so you still get treasure locations and she doesn't remove curses off you if you intend to keep playing as a monkey.

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Personally I think the queen is super useful already and doesn't need something else. Especially now that the portal seems to pump out a monkey every day or so, you amass a TON of necklaces and are basically in a constant state of needing to dispose of them if you're spending more than a few minutes on the moon quay.

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i don't... thiiink I would be super opposed to like, the idea i've seen brought up of the moon quay queen giving you something for banana crock pot dishes, but i think i definitely agree with meow meow meow that the moon quay queen serves a fairly strong purpose already if you're using the unnatural portal extensively, which is definitely something that has a lot of merit to doing.

I'd prefer if she would stop yawning every two seconds, though :spidercowers:

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Imo she should give blueprints in exchange for banana dishes not just regular bananas. 

there are 4 blueprints right?
Make them require a cooked banana, banana pop, daiquiri and the new shake. 

It seems silly to me for her to give such rewards for just normal bananas that literally grow all around her on her own island.. 

After that i agree it would be nice for there to be some additional trade interaction with her beyond curse removal but im not sure what. Shes just such an awesome looking npc i want more reasons to interact with her. 

Perhaps she could still give u something extra when u give her a banana dish after uve gotten all the BPs. 

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Perhaps the player could give her something to instantly be turned into wonkey/gain the necessary number of amulets. 

if u want to become one of them and blend in on the island u have to kill 10 of their kind first.. this feels brutish.

I dislike how so much is always dependent on killing mobs, its so uninspired and boring when other more interesting ways could be implemented as well.

Especially when there already is a trading npc that deals in curse removal. Doesnt seem far fetched for her to also provide the opposite for a price. 

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