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Most wanted additions to Don't Starve  

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  1. 1. Most wanted additions to Don't Starve

    • Difficulty Setting
    • Houses
    • Rapier
    • General Head Armor
    • More Boss Monsters
    • Beefalo Enclosure
    • Saddle With Bags

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I would like a house. Maybe a tipi, so I can keep my fire in the middle glowing out from the tipi walls. I would also like a gate for my stone fence around my tipi, so those nasty dogses can't get in and destroy my tipi. Eventually I would like a castle... Of course I also think that you should still have an outside worldview, even when inside the tipi or house.Maybe there should be a gradual growth in house size like tent->tipi->cabin->stone house->....Castle! And each house should be able to restore more health when you sleep as it advances. Instead of building a new one, just upgrade. And each house has a higher amount of defense.I'm serious about the gate too. I want to be able to walk through it, but not the monsters.

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Another thing I would like is an icon on the map that shows where you drop your backpack when you equip your log suit and flee in a panic from whatever is chasing you. I have lost sooooo many backpacks full of items because of that. Since you can't put your backpack in the inventory slot, because that would cause a possible cheat in the game, I totally understand. If you could I would have a backpack in every slot bwahahaha.... No that would not be good. So I would like either a location icon on the map for dropped backpacks, or I would like a separate equip slot for backpacks, so I can wear backpack and armor. I panic a lot when I'm foraging and have to quickly switch to armor and weapons. I seem to have a lot of Tree Guardians since the last mod with winter. I woke 7 Tree Guardians in 19 days.Oooh and I would like more animals and monsters please! How about squirrels? or Beavers... I wish we could fish in the ocean. What if we could make friends... like twig people... remember Tom Hanks and Wilson. Talking to your Twig people could 'improve' your sanity meter jk, or act as decoys for the devil dogs.

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