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[suggestion] Reduce the amount of restrained statics/materials to build the lunar siphonator

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Currently, in order to build the lunar siphonator, you need 30 charged moon shards, 15 gleams, 3 restrained statics, and 2 doodads. While most of these materials are in abundant supply, I always found statics to be the supply I’m low on. Often times you can usually get the 15 gleams and 30 shards by the time you get 2 statics when multitasking, and you quickly build an excess of the 2 resources compared to the statics unless you specifically only farm statics.

In general, I feel removing 1 static from one of the 3 build “steps” would go a long way. I do feel it would be nice if the other materials got adjusted as well (perhaps total number gleams to 10 so you only need 1 bug net per champion summon), but I don’t think it’s as time consuming/annoying to get as farming the 3 statics.

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