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A smallish Walter slingshot ammo buff idea

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So I've been thinking about ways to make the ammo types on Walter feel more useful for awhile and here's what I came up with not really sure if it's too much or too little so I figured I'd get you all to decide.

Miscellaneous change: freeze rounds, poop pellets, and slowdown rounds now fire as fast as a whip's swing. This change was mostly for the sake of freeze rounds as in it's current state it's much slower than a ice staff, requires a more expensive resource. The selling point is supposed to be that it's 2 shots in and stacks higher in a single inventory slot but it's ruined by it's fire speed.

Poop pellets: they now don't draw aggro from other mobs, also a mob hit by it can't reaggro on you for 4 seconds unless you hit them.


Interesting side note did you know Walter's poop pellets can't force a mob to drop aggro on another player or mob?

Slowdown rounds: these will now also add 1 second to the cooldown of each boss and mob's attack while they're under it's effect.

Cursed rounds: so instead of a shadow tentacle spawning instead it would be a shadow in the shape of Walter firing 1 or 2 shots at the enemy your fighting then disappears.

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