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[SOLVED] Basic Widget

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I'm trying to make the absolute simplest widget to start my project, all I want is to display the meatballs sprite on a corner of the screen - this will be part of a server-based mod if that matters.

This is what I've copy-catted out of Food Memory


local require = GLOBAL.require
local CravingDisplay = require "widgets/cravingdisplay"

local function AddCravingDisplay(controls)

AddClassPostConstruct( "widgets/controls", AddCravingDisplay )


local Widget = require "widgets/widget"
local Image = require "widgets/image"

local CravingDisplay = Class(Widget,function(self, owner)
    --this part is a background box
  self.cravingdisp = self:AddChild(Image("images/frontend.xml", "button_square_halfshadow.tex"))

    --for the actual meatballs sprite
  self.cravingdisp_icon = self.cravingdisp:AddChild(Image("images/inventoryimages.xml","meatballs.tex"))


return CravingDisplay

*this forum is being poopy and won't let me edit this code, my final settings for position are (-600, -40) on the box.

EDIT: My problem was that the meatballs sprite wasn't showing up. In the mod I was copying from it had a static reference from inventoryimages1.xml (where someone just told me meatballs used to be) in the setup, but in runtime the mode uses a dynamic reference from the meatballs prefab, thus why it worked there and not in mine. I've adjusted it to where meatballs.tex has moved to (inventoryimages.xml) and it's working great.


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Problem Solved
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