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What about Global Leaderboards?

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I really like Hot Lava, I think it's a great game both for playing with friends and alone, it's very fun playing casually exploring the map, getting the stars, comic books, cards and etc, and also speedrunning your favourite maps and getting that PB or that place above your friends in the leaderboards. But I think it needs a little bit more, I think that if Hot Lava had a Global Leaderboard it would be much more fun. I really miss that old tournament that had in the last Klei Fest, I don't know if it will happen again but it would be really cool, it was actually that tournament that made me feel in love with the game. I'm not in the community of Hot Lava, so I don't know if this is a topic already discussed and also don't know what are Klei's opinion about this, but I think it would improve the game a lot.

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There is actually a way to enable global leaderboards in the game, and it is shown on the Hot Lava discord server- I haven't done it myself, so I can't guarantee if the described method is up to date, but if anyone knows, it would be people on there.

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