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ideas on how to progress?

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.: Autumm :.
Day 1/5 - Alchemy crafts as hambat, lantern and Logsuit/Futball helmet
Day 5/11 - I give till full moon to explore surface. As soon as I spot beefalos, engine down, prestihatitator, piggyback, beef saddle and beef bell. The rest of the exploration we do it riiding to start taming process. Beef tamin is one of the priorities regardless of the char I play. Its often done late winter/start spring, but u can do better if u focus only in beef shenanigans. 

While exploring we need to find:
> Walrus camp
> MOon altar
> Swamp
> PIg king
> Dragonfly desert

Then grab the flute and put the base down. 

Day 11/15~16 - Time to kill Dfly and set the marble pieces chess. That done, grab the gems and livinn logs, time to explore downstairs a lil bit. Day 21 we have a battlle there so keep it quick. 
Day 15~16/20~21 - Ruins. We rushin so not that fancy stuff. We really need:

> 1 construction amulet
> 1 magiluminescence
> 1 desconstruction staff
> 1 star caller staff

These ones doesnt require the full station. If I spot the full one:  
> 1 Tulecite club
> as many tullecite crowns we can do with the spare tulecite

If we spot AG, we kill it. But remember, time in the first season is key more than any other, so keep it in mind, sometimes we dont got that plenty to mess around.

.: Winter :.
Day 21 - Prepare to the shadows. If u already in surface before day 21 u can tru hunt the hunter. Walkin cane is coonvenient for this battle. Cactus and a new hambat and we good to go. 

Day 22/30 - Klauss attempt. 40 sapplinggs/grass turfs. 80 pine cones.  Plant it all in a straight line and let it there till Deerclops spawn. 
Day 30/32 - Clops shenanigans. 
Day 32/35 - This is time to make use of that many logs and actually spend some time base build for real. Chest zone, Jouj-up and iif we found the Terrarium the Eye dies here and now.  

.: Spring :.
This one is messy. I have no right order but I always do this things:
> At least two volt goat horns.  
> AAt least twoo moose/goose. 
> Fossil pieces to set uup the stalker ..
> Moon altar event. 
> At this point beefalo is fully tamed. 
> Now iits timme too a big one - Bee queen. I use a weather pain to kill the guumbles sometimes but just when I want more souls to keep gaining space between her and the gumbles [not that much for heal, but also for heal]  [Yes I main Wortox]. The other one is to use mornin star as the weapon.

.: Summer :.
Day 60 + -  We got the wraps. Stock some cactus flower for Pearl. 
Day 65 - Time to clean ruins for real and find the archives. If AG ins dead yet thats the time.
Atrium search as well if isnt revealed yet. 

And thats it. My base is somethin like that around a year: 


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the way i usually do things, particularly in a public server is checking what everyone else is up to
have the ruins been rush? if not maybe i pick WX just to try it, his night vision and ability to ignore the clockworks when exploring the ruins can help so much, specially to understand how the ruins are generated, spaced out and such

have the lunar island been rush in order to get the stone bushes and kelp? if not i can just play woodie and use his goose form to get those valuable resources early for a base 

have both things been accomplish? maybe i can play walter and zoom around the map to collect resources that need to be moved

others have mention the priorities that often take place in the early days, the need for the alchemy machine and what not. if you play alone you have to consider what is the strength of the character you play and lean on it, and figure what of the mayor task could be your focus, do you want to rush the ruins? lunar island? just kill dragonfly to get the furnace for winter? or build a simple base and take it easy? all are options as long as you make sure you can get light, food and stay alive

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