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[Suggestion] Change the cost of 1 cut stone to 3-4 rocks in the electrical doodad recipe

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To make crafting ingredients for things like GEMerator, moggles and morning star "easier". In this moment, it just makes you have to go to the refinement tab, craft the cut stone, and go back to the item you actually want to craft.
794707732_DontStarveTogether_4.thumb.jpg.0c7e8909c7bba86eae361a6e03f69994.jpg  1298555606_DontStarveTogether_5.thumb.jpg.c49efce35fb73cd54b2f974a99792885.jpg

It's not an impactul or even necessary change, but I think it would be nice. Practically, just eliminate an extra little step.

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On 6/1/2022 at 4:57 AM, QuartzBeam said:

You can just click the Electrical Doodad recipe and it'll craft the Cut Stones for you.

Yes, I know. I'm giving the idea to eliminate that little extra step and be able to keep mouse-1 to make the electrical doodad without having to go to another tab to craft/prototype it.

Edit: I'm referring to recipes that require electrical doodad, but no cutstone. In those cases, you have to go to another tab to craft electrical doodads or cut stones.

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