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Space artifacts in Spaced Out.

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I hope it is not too late for a change to happen given that Fast Friends comes out soon, but currently when you harvest an artifact from the Space POI more then one time, the game gives you an office mug. Because of I am assuming that there is a finite non office mug ammount of artifacts you can get which seems like a bug to me(given that in base game this works differently), but at the same time I am not sure. I have seen that other forum members have brought this issue in the past, maybe perhaps we could get a change with artifacts. I have tested this more than a month ago (gone to 3 different Space POIs 4 times each, so I don't think I am just unlucky) and seen a gameplay in which the same thing happened, I didn't test it in the beta, but also didn't find anything interesting in patch notes. I wrote this in general disscusion because, again I am not sure if that is a bug, but also I wanted to hopefully get some replies from other members if they have observed this.

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