Linking portal to specific portal

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Heya guys!


Is there any way to connecting specific portal to specific portal that located inside world?

Something like uploaded Images.


I understand how world connect and behave each other.

problem is when you connect them, you can't seems to be connect on certain portal from connecting world



From the photo, you can see Red arrow is fine since it lead to one entrance and going back to previous world is fine.

problem is Green line. As you can see, Green line have more than 1 portals

arrival destination picked by RNG.

It seems like all portals have their own ID numbers that can be defined.

is there any other way to give them specific path for each world's portal? 


c_find('cave_entrance_open').components.worldmigrator:SetDestinationWorld("1", true)


I been using this one.


Something like 

connect to (world1, portal N, true(disable auto connect))




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The portals you are thinking of are probably the spawn portals. They are not used for traveling to different worlds. Instead sinkholes are used for that, just like traveling to the caves. They are however a fallback, once the target is not available or something goes wrong.

You can either check out this guide for the manual linking, that you've been thinking of, or you can give the Shard Configuration Mod a try, which is supposed to make the entire process of building shard links easier.

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It's not random. The migrator will choose the portal in the destination world that matches the ID of the sending portal. If there is no match then it sends you to the postern.

If you want to set a specific portal as a destination then the easiest way I found is to set new ID's for the connecting portals with the following commands:


Sets the nearest open cave entrance to ID #11.



Sets the nearest cave stairway to ID #11.

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