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Gillnetting is a fishing method that uses gillnets: vertical panels of netting that hang from a line with regularly spaced floaters that hold the line on the surface of the water.

Could be a nice new Food Structure, sort of like a combination of Mushroom planters and Bee boxes.

The idea is "Gilly Net"

Crafting Blueprint: 10 Silk, 3 logs, (Rope maybe?)

Purpose: place along the waters edge to passively catch ocean fish over time. The trap will degrade with each use, much like a standard Trap. However, this Gilly Net will be a permanent structure, and can not only be Harvested, but can also be Repaired by using Silk on it. :wilson_goodjob:


This item will act as a way to get rid of an abundance of Silk, and also provide another way to obtain smaller fish near the shore. I am on the fence of whether this item should catch Wobsters or not. I feel like logically they would damage the net rather than be captured by it. I'm not necessarily against having a lobster pot, but that is not what this idea is about. 


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