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A lot of annoying issues come form not being able to precisely request an amount of resources to be transfer to a certain place. This is why i think we could use this small QoL structure i call a request box. It`s a 1x1 structure that doesn`t need foundation. It holds up to 200kg of resources. The building can request any amount of resources from and it gets delivered to it once. It can be then reset to request the resources again similar to meter valves.

3 other variants of the building would be 1x2 and connected straight to gas/liquid pipes and conveyor rails. Each would use power and pump at a reduced rate compared to regular pumps. Each would be supplied manually and request a selected amount of resources before putting into the pipe system. That would be more accurate than meter valves and stuff wouldn`t be stuck in pipes but wouldn`t be as convenient since manual delivery would be required for gasses and liquids. The conveyor loader on the resource teleporter in SO would then be replaced with conveyor request box.

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