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energy storing thingy

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with the rework coming next week i feel some changes people want may not make it, but i had an idea for a this little thing, and since it doesn't really matter i'm just gonna put it somewhere

i feel like having a little bulb or thingamajig that wx can carry that would store 1-2 slots of energy would be nice. my idea is that after their energy is full, if you had this thing in your inventory it would automatically store the energy they would've gained, but at the cost of having to wait twice as long for a single charge, simple stuff. and if you had more than one of these they'd short circuit each-other out

having that would be nice, since removing all your circuits and having to wait more than an entire day to charge it all is kinda boring early-game, so now if you had that, you'd have to wait ALMOST an entire day, which is of course way better

yeah that's it

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