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So far, I'm liking the WX refresh, and of course, there are many that are conflicted with it, especially when it comes to the circuits. But I'm not worried about them right now, there's no need to add to that fire, in my opinion. SO, I want to focus on a few Items separate from the circuits that I feel would add to the refresh well (on paper). And, I even did some (very mediocre) sample art for one of the ideas! 


Item 1: Circuit Board

When you get board of holding your circuits.

This item acts almost like a chest, but it is portable. It cannot be put inside a backpack or chest itself, but it can be put down, interacted with, and picked back up, just like Warly's Portable Crock Pot. The Circuit Board has four storage slots, and (obviously) can only contain circuits. 

The item would cost 1 Board and 4 Gold to craft. WX-78 would have this crafting recipe available immediately.


Item 2:  External Charge Unit

If you're running on reserves.

This item (which I'll call the ECU for short from now on) can store two electrical charges that can be collected from lightning, lightning rods, etc. while being held in hand. The charges can be consumed one at a time via left click, and consuming a charge will not only cut the sanity debuff of gaining a charge externally in half, but it will also use up 1/6th of the ECU's durability. Also, the stored charges degrade over time, with each one taking about a day and a half to fully dissipate.

This item would cost 2 Salt, 2 Gold, and 1 Board to craft. WX-78 can unlock this crafting recipe by scanning Chester or Hutch.


Item 3: Junction Box

Batteries included!

This item is supposed to be either the coup de grace or dark horse of these ideas, I don't know if I really "balanced" this item correctly, but I tried my best here. But anyway, the Junction Box would be a backpack exclusive to WX that would only be able to hold 5 OR 6 (leaning towards 6, since it's a nice even number) items. BUT, equipping it would add 1 OR 2 charge modules to WX's charge meter. These extra charge modules would charge slightly slower than WX's default modules over time, and having the Junction Box equipped would also raise WX's hunger drain; more input slots means more energy consumed! And maybe it would slow you down a bit, but thats to be decided.

This item, would cost 2 Gears, 2 Electrical Doodads, and 2 Silk. WX-78 can unlock this crafting recipe via scanning Krampus



I made a sort of simple depiction of the Junction Box, just cuz, and even though it's clearly a (kinda crappy) recolor of an Ice Box with a few addons, I still like it and I don't know why, but you can see it at the bottom of this.


Side note, I think that having more circuits plugged in should make WX hungrier, the same motif as "more input slots means more energy consumed!"



By the way, I want to make it clear that I don't think that these items are NEEDED to make the rework better, and that they are definitely not perfect, some aspects of these items (especially the crafting recipes or stat numbers) might be OP or lackluster, but that's based on you. At the end of the day, I'm not a game designer, so I don't see this stuff through the same lens as one, so this can either be a well designed idea, or not. Thank you for reading, and have a nice [INSERT RELATIVE TIME OF DAY HERE]!

Junction Box.png

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