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WX-78 rework changes suggestion

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So, to keep this intro as simple as possible; I believe WX is currently in a far more interesting state than before, but there are some problems I noticed:

He only has 6 slots, which is not enough to be very modular. I propose adding 2-4 more slots and gate how many times the player can use the same upgrade behind processors he can get from killing bosses. This means the player cant just stack stuff like the 2 slot speed upgrade 4-5 times and never have a reason to add other upgrades.

His modules are kind of bland. I mean don't get me wrong, modular ways to improve the character is far more engaging than eating gears, but I think some more specialized and interesting modules would help with his overall character. One I can think of off the bat would be a ice/fire rod module that lets WX expend sanity (and probably quite a few module slots) to attack at a range with staff attacks.

Some of his modules aren't very useful. A great example is the light module that costs a lightbulb. Permanent light for everyone nearby is great and all, but when the moggles one is 1 slot smaller AND gives full map vision in caves and the overworld at night, it's pretty inefficient to use it for any reason. Something as simple as reducing it's size to 2-3 slots would help. Most likely 3 is the most balanced, though.

And finally, his speed upgrades are by far the best out of the bunch because if you never get hit, you don't need more health, or even sanity, given how easy it is to fight nightmare creatures with high speed. This would also be remedied by the first solution to the first problem I gave, which would prevent just mindlessly stacking speed until nothing hits you anyway.

Overall, this rework is by far one of the more interesting ones, and I can't wait to see what you guys at Klei do with him from the public beta onwards.

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The speed upgrades actually follow diminishing returns, as the 2.0 circuits give less and less speed with the more that you already have equipped. With the current pattern of the speed modules, a fourth 2.0 module would only make WX go from 50% speed to 55% speed, and a fifth would even lower. 



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