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WX Rework - My Opinion & Suggestions

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Hey everyone,

loving the WX rework so far, I thought I'd make a thread about points I'd like to keep and points I'd like to see changed, so here we are:



I love this feature and I think it's absolutely great! Though, I think more creatures should be scan-able for different modules, as well as player characters! To name a few:

  •  Chorus Module: Wigfrid, Music Box Hutch
  • Refridgerant Module: Ice Chester,  Blue Gem Deer
  • Acceleration Circuit: Carrat
  • Hardy Circuit 2.0: Wolfgang
  • Thermal Circuit: Willow, Fiery Saladmanders, Larvae, Red Gem Deer, Beefalo
  • Super-Processing Unit: Glommer, Wickerbottom/Wilson, Winona
  • Gastroexpansion Circuit: Warly
  • Dronemaster: Ancient Fuelweaver, Maxwell


Circuit/Module Durability:


I think that the modules should not have any durability as it makes it less likely for you to want to switch them out, which I think Klei actually wants us to do often. Some of them could really be annoying and tedious to farm, thus I have an alternative suggestion - Give the Circuit Extractor durability instead! TL;DR:

  • I think Circuits(image.png.6df567f66fbc8f139b95f3bda967966b.png) should have infinite Durability.
  • Circuit Extractors (image.png.a46e60afe33f34337f889fdf1dcc0aaa.png) should have durability instead, and a more complex recipe in turn. 

Circuit Slots:


We are in a weird spot right now where you can only slot in one "expensive" circuit plus a medium-sized one. I'd love to see a mechanic where we start with fewer slots but in turn earn some more once we reach the endgame.

  • I actually like that we get to keep our charge as long as we are not wet or hungry
  • WX should start with a fewer slots (Perhaps only 4)
  • WX should unlock more slots once he progresses through the game. (Maybe 4>6>8)
  • Some Circuits should cost less(!) while others should cost more(?...)
  • We shouldn't be allowed to equip more than one of the same circuit type, for balancing reasons.


General Notes:


  • I think WX should be taking damage from rain/wetness again, on top of losing charge. It was a great and logical balancing point.
  • WX's stats should be rounded out to either 100/100/100 or 150/150/150 once he starts in my opinion.(Would prefer the latter)
  • Optoelectronic Module should only activate during nighttime and not during dusk. (And neither during Full Moon - my poor, poor eyes!)
  • WX having his own custom Wetness bar UI (image.png.dd8cb6172277381e7c028e4723b2a1df.png) is one of the main reasons I love Klei so damn much.
  • Kudos for making WX stop consuming everybody's gears on dedicated server, it should remain this way!


And this would sum up all of my suggestions,

thank you for your time. Let me know which points do you agree with and which you do not down below.

I'd love to hear what do you guys think. :)


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1 minute ago, HeatAndRun said:

Scanning other playable characters for the recipe sounds very creative!

Thanks! I mean, it is Don't Starve Together, after all.

I love it when playable characters directly benefit from one another, makes the game all the more fun!

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1 hour ago, Orchids said:

WX should unlock more slots once he progresses through the game. (Maybe 4>6>7)

Perfect :lol:


Overall I thought it was cool, and some parts left my browser's translator confused but it doesn't matter.


I want this so much.

1 hour ago, Orchids said:

WX's stats should be rounded out to either 100/100/100




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29 minutes ago, SomebodyRandom said:

But then Chorusbox Circuit can't get Rhythm + Melody :((


Lol fixed the name! And I didnt know the Chorusbox can do that, maybe they should make some exceptions, but things like the speed/electric module stacking is kinda cheesy.

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