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Suggestion: Make Sleeping Cause a Noticeable Increase in Passive Charge Gain

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I've only been able to play a bit of WX with the rework, but I wasn't able to find any reliable ways of recharging his power that didn't involve Winona's tech, or just simply waiting for it to charge up. The lightning rod is only capable of charging one bar and then it will need to be struck again. Part of the downside is waiting to use the upgrades again in between switching the circuits, but I still think there should be a reliable way for WX to charge up that isn't locked behind another character.

It would be nice if sleeping caused the passive power generation to increase until woken up. It would make sense as well since WX is in rest mode, so they aren't consuming any power. It's the same way your phone charges faster if you leave it alone than if you were using it to watch a video or something.

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