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What if Wes had his head replaced with a balloon when he was insane?

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Having your maximum health replaced by 1.

And his balloon head would inflate until it exploded causing his death.

Unless he fills up balloons of despair that can only be inflated when insane. Thus decreasing the size of your balloon head.

Balloons of Despair will drop to the ground and you'll only have a few seconds to get away before they explode and kill you, just like the moon spores.

Upon regaining his sanity he gains the balloon that had been his head. Useless apparently.

All this while you may or may not be haunted by nightmares.

Forgot to mention that this way he can't equip hats. Maybe just the balloon hat.

Wes could also put multiple balloons in his pants, or make a jumpsuit to deal massive, targeted damage by sacrificing himself.

He chooses how many balloons he will put in the jumpsuit.

He can put up to 40.

The balloon jumpsuit slows Wes down a lot, as more balloons are added making the outfit much tighter.

When the suit is empty it will have 0% durability.

Practitioner he is stocked with balloons.


When I first came up with the jumpsuit idea I thought it could be an armor that dampens 100% of the damage, but would do 70 damage to compensate for the 14 balloons that would be inside it.

Then I thought it was better to be able to put 14 (or even less) to 40 balloons to use itself as a weapon dealing 70 to 200 damage.

Thanks for reading. Here are some hastily made sketches.

I also made some sketches of the balloon salami


(Attempted suggestions)

More effects on players' vision.

Wes could have a pillow war.


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I'm hearing alot of horror suggestion from you, but I'm glad its mild horror :) Instead of the weird part of non-headlessness, he could have something esle replaced with baloon, like the tool he is using or the hat. Just don't get body parts involved please thanks.

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