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Wx78 rework thoughts and suggestions

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Btw this rework was done before, in a mod 

and myself and other forum members have suggested WX should have something like upgrading specific stats only to give him certain builds like a skill tree in an  RPG game

it's really awesome to see this idea fully realized, thanks klei!


I'll make this quick so I'll put a shopping list of things I think should be changed in the rework

These circuits right now are cool, but some are kind of useless and take up too much room for what they do we can swap them out for similar abilities or give them upgradeable variants like his speed module (The speed module and it's 2.0 version is perfect as it is).

The illumination module is too big, I think it should take 4 slots max or have a upgradeable variant that takes up less space.

Maybe CC can be scanned for a variant where it gives the recipe for single slot illumination, I think having illumination take up 4 slots would allow more combos with WX.

Hunger and sanity circuits are basically useless, I think passive sanity regeneration would be better, for hunger I'm not so sure.

The electrical circuit is kind of lame, it can be used for tanking but I think it should probably give WX electrical damage, it would be more fitting and fun. Maybe it can be obtained as a 2.0 version by scanning angry moslings, and have it take up like 3 slots because it would be pretty strong.

I don't think WX78 has a damage circuit? In any case he should probably get one if he doesn't have one already and I think electrical damage would be the best for him.

I always thought he should probably have a circuit for faster mining and chopping, but since Wolfgang already kind of has that what if he had a circuit for stronger grip strength? This would make him pick grass/twigs/berries/reeds instantly, a perk which no character has, I think it would be immensely helpful and put him apart from everyone else.

This is what I have in mind so far, tell me what you think.

EDIT: after watching catperson's video, while the charged lightning rod makes wx78 more independent (all the way in spring), he's now extremely dependent on winona early game.

Nitre for charges? That's absurdly good, I think WX should have his own craftable batteries that give him charge, that are much more expensive then nitre generators.


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