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Suggestion about circuit durability

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Here are just my 2 cents. How about making circuits 1-time durability and give four pieces of those when crafted? Simillar turf crafting recipe. It could be an alternative way to make managing WX's  inventory quite more conveniently.

( 1 circuit that has 4 durability -> 4 circuits that have 1 durability)


And in terms of combinating various circuits I think the total 6 prongs are vaguely short imho. Some of the simple stat boost circuits might have a possibility to be changed to 1-prong circuits to motivate using more combo.

( Slot 2 for 150 hp -> Slot 1 for 75 hp)


But, overall this rework is so much more interesting than the WX before and I really appericiate their concept! Despite it needs a little more polishing..

Also, thank you for the Wurt QoL changes, too!

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