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The King VS The Weaver

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Quyzbuk    687

Normally in DST these days I avoid doing Fuelweaver until I have a partner to help deal with some of the madness that ensues since you cannot escape the bone cage snare without teleporting (or waiting). Before that change back in the day, I'd solo him almost any chance I got when I had spare gunpowder and durability on a Lazy Explorer. I should preface before I continue, that I do not go out of my way for the many character-specific buffs/perks, there is no Warly food here, no Willow bear to distract shadow creatures, no cheese strategies. 


Well, my newest Lights Out world needed a Fuelweaver kill, and after extensive prep-work and planning, I decided to give solo another go. One failed practice run later, me and my beefalo, Angery, accomplished this. Keep an eye on the 4:30 mark where things accidentally get a little out of hand.

Max Solo Fuelweaver Kill, No Cheese, No Buffs (March 2022 QoL patch)

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