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Favourite Food providing special effects

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Favourite food is cool and it would be cool if this feature were developed further than just extra hunger.

Some >[VERY ROUGH]< ideas I came up in 0.013 nanoseconds just as an example so do not lash out emotionally for it not being as you'd like it.

  • Wes (Fresh Fruit Crepes) Few seconds of sanity drain immunity to spam balloons for free
  • Willow (Spicy Chilli) extra damage against burning targets.
  • Wilson (Bacon and Eggs) skip some time in beard growth.
  • Wormwood (Cooked banana) actually heal from bananas since it's great compost ingredient in real life and compost heals him in game.
  • Winona (Vegetable Stinger) is a worker so she could pick up stuff from ground faster.
  • WX-78 (Butter Muffin) overcharge for 15 seconds. 
  • Wortox (pomegranate/cooked) getting more soul efficiency for next soul after eating pomegranate that is slightly better heal or no sanity loss for eating single next soul. Can't think of teleport buff that would be worthy and not RNG based.
  • Wendy (Banana Pop) Could make Abigail take less damage for some time.
  • Wigfrid (Turkey Dinner) some inspiration gain on consumption to start fight with a song ready with no need to use something like blow pipe beforehand
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