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please help me in making a mod

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I have started playing DS after playing DSAT for a long time. a lot of the mods i used to play with are not available in Klei So I decided to create them myself. I started by choosing what I think is an easy mod. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1337321458&searchtext=cluster+plant+reborn .

I have experience in coding and reading files. a little bit though. I did some tweaks and adjustment s at previous mods but never made one from scratch. I am looking for a tutorial that explains the basic tools and the step by step making of prefabs and modmains and such. all the tutorials i found was either out of date or just too chaotic for me to understand.


so far what I know is how to make the modinfo from scratch

also the order  that the first thing i should make is art in the form of 64*64 png pics then making the prefeabs (the concept of prefab is still unclear for me) then the modmain 

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