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tool/command for world owners to clear lag for other players (for all platforms)

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I recently opened up my private 2.3k day world up to the public to see if I could get tips, but as soon a any individual joined the lag became immense, there should be some type of command or option to clear items of specific types from the ground (clearing every item would ruin some peoples bas designs that rely on items) in my world I've run bearger through an entire petrified forest and then ran him through it a second time when the trees grew back, but never got around to pickng up the resources, the amount of lag due to this made it very difficult to kite enemies, move, and craft, but if we had a command that allowed us to destroy all (select item) from ground it could have cleared it in mere moments, but instead i've been running around for the past half hour with lazy foragers and a beefalo collecting it all and dumping it at my base to be sorted shortly after, I don't need all of this stone, flint, or nitre, and I certainly don't need all these extra logs and pine cones when I already have 8 scaled chests at my base, lol (maybe make it so items from the same source can only be destroyed together to prevent people from just destroying the items they don't want to make large collection jobs faster, for instance "cleardrops:tree" could destroy pinecones, logs, birchnuts, and twiggy tree cones, or clear drops:boulder could clear rocks, flint, nitre, gold, and moonrock, just a simple command that allows you to clear a large amount of items quickly without it being able to be used for simplifying collection
(or, preaching to the choir, rework the lazy forager to collect different items at different efficiencies, for example, tree and stone drops could take less durability to collect then gems and thulecite, to balance the item for ruins clearing as well as make it more viable for casual use, but at this point i'm pretty sure that wont happen, so please consider the first suggestion, it would be a huge help to people with servers)

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2 hours ago, UbiAnomaly said:


that will rid your world of all traces of your desired object.

no, it wont, i'm on console, hence why they need to add something to fix this, yes they have a way to fix it but thats like giving water to 10 children when the whole school is thirsty, it fixes it for a select group of people, but everyone else is just forgotten about

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