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Server issue linux 64bit dst

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The DST server has always been only running on pretty much a single core.

If you run multiple shards on a single machine, each shard can run on one core each, so you can somewhat spread out the total load.

Has been the same on the 32bit version.

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32/64bit Architecture and multiprocessing support are two very different things.

64Bit allows for more memory adressing (>4Gb RAM usage) and larger datatypes.

Multiprocessing requires to split the entire process queue into multiple independant threads that need to be resynced in regular intervals. (Pretty much a vast rewrite of how the entire game works)

While I do support the idea of multiprocessing, I do know how much effort it is to implement. And so far DST servers have been running pretty good on a single core each for me, even with a couple of mods. So the benefit would not justify the effort to implement it. (Except for a few players who have litterally 100s of mods, which fight eachother for performance making the server struggle to run.)

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Yeah the player with 16 mods like me still struggle the only big one is tropical experience guess i can just use limit prefab to limit stuff heavily but still the game struggles to keep 7 people which is laughable if you're aim to build a multiplayer experience with your server with farms, socializing and stuff.If at least you could contribute the mobs too a different core or the players that actually take a lot of processing.But yeah it seems like it would be difficult to achieve.

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6 hours ago, Dezcoo said:

Okay i got another question. What is the point of dontsarve_dedicated_server_nullrenderer_x64 just to use more memory?

90% yes.

Depending on the optimisation and implementation the 64bit version is also able to calculate very large numbers with fewer compute cylces, effectively improving performance.. though afaik DST doesn't have such large numbers anywhere, in which case there'd be no other benefit than allowing to allocate more than 4Gb of RAM (per shard).

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so if i wanted to have a lot of people on my server what could i do other than sharding it to bits. Is there a way to lower the fps of the game server or something else that would help with the lag with more people?

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18 hours ago, Dezcoo said:

Is there a way to lower the fps of the game server

I guess you mean lower the tickrate of the server? Cause the Server doesn't calculate frames.

If you mean tickrate, yes you can change that by adding this parameter to your cluster.ini under the [NETWORK] thingy:

tick_rate = 15

A tickrate of 15 is the default, means that it sends 15 updates per second to the clients.

The tickrate should be an even division of 60. For example: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60.

Increasing the tickrate should make the game more fluid, cause there are more updates, but cause more load on the CPU and bandwidth, and therefore could increase lag depending on the setup.

Decreasing the tickrate does exactly the opposite. It makes the game, or rather all objects (mostly mobs) behave "choppier" but it should need less performance.

In my XP the default tickrate of 15 is the best balance between fluidity and performance, but results may vary.

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