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Could Rocketry Tab be more... transparent?

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So Imma be honest... I'm kind of a scrub when it comes to ONI. I like to play safe and slow.

But even I was a little surprised to see that I've made it to cycle 400 without touching the rockets in a dlc focused on early planetoid colonization

Why was that? Well when I looked at the Rocketry tab I only saw the rocket platform and some stearing modules and thought that the 1st engine was locked further down the research. My researcher had only unlocked tier 2 stuff since rad research is tad difficult for me.

It was only when I actually took a deep look at the research tree did I notice that I had the soda bottles engine unlocked.

If the Rocketry tab could have a bottom section dedicated to rocket platform-exclusive stuff that'd be helpful. Because I totally didn't think to build the rocket platform "without" any rockets to construct

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