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[Suggestion] Suggestions for improving the use of the new menu

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1) Right clicking on an item not selected in the crafting menu will start crafting it without having to double left click
2) Add the possibility of continuous crafting not only by the build button, but also by the icon ( press and hold the right click)
3) Display the selected skin on the item icon (now selecting a skin and clicking on the icon leads to the crafting of a standard skin)
4) Make 2 quick crafting tabs (just put one button at the bottom to change)

5) Ability to pin a tab for instant access (like the old menu)
6) open a detailed craft (see the recipe, description or change the skin) by right clicking on the quick craft menu. As an example on a gif

Additionally: I would really like the button to launch the world without the need to open the settings (under the new button opposite the name of the world)


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About 1) and 2): Totally, I love the right click idea! And also the mass crafting working with the icons. 

About 3): You can pin items with skins already, you can also pin the same item multiple times with different skins. So I can imagine: Scott is working on "show crafting incredience for the pins" next, maybe we can also change skins then without pinning it again. 

4) I already replied to that in an different post. I'm not sold on that idea, I think it's a bit to much for the vanilla experience, also "pinning categories" feels a bit to much and not straightforward for me. I think it should remain simple. But main point is the favourite tab that competes with the item pins. You can read it here: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/137843-game-update-497296/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-1543541


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