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Ideas for controller optimization for Wolfgang and Craft Menu

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As a seasoned controller player I think I speak for us all when I say the current craft system seems good but I have a few small suggestions which I believe will help make the Qol update better for us gamepad/controller/console users!

Craft Menu Changes

  • Very simple change, have us start on our nine pinned slots when we open up the crafting menu! As of right now we have to scroll all way way across the crafting menu to get to these nine pinned slots. I would love for us to start there instead then scroll back into the rest of the crafting menu as it would make mid combat crafting easier! 
  • Also I have no idea if I missed this but did you guys remove the repeat craft for controller? Before when you crafted an item in the old system if you quickly went back into the crafting tab and held down the crafting button it would repeat the action until you let go! As of now I don't see this functioning within the beta and it would be a shame to see it go! I assume this is just a bug but it doesn't hurt to mention right?

Wolfgang Dumbbell Optimization

As of right now when we equip a dumbbell we have to first hid right on the D-pad then scroll to our hand slot and hit left to start lifting! Seeing as how the left D-pad is used for mainly storage or giving items I would like to see it used for more matters for self interaction such as when you have rot in the inventory and the left d-pad function changes when not looking at storage. So my simple change it...

  • When in the inventory OR in hand you can press left d-pad to lift 

This change would greatly impact Wolfgang players as not needing to scroll across your hotbar in order to lift will make it much less clunky to use! 

I could go over many more suggestions but I want to keep these related to the beta so I'll stop here. If you read all this thanks I appreciate your time! :wilson_laugh:

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