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[Suggestion] Crafting Materials Preview

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I suggest implementing a preview of the materials needed for crafting, both in the pinned recipes bar and in the crafting menu, when mouse over the item.

Especially in the first one, because if the player still doesn't remember the necessary materials, he will need to open the craft menu to see, which breaks his agility function a little.

Another rationale for the addition is to help count resources needed to craft items in larger quantities.

Otherwise, I congratulate you on the changes made in this quality of life update.

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14 hours ago, ScottHansen said:

Yep, this was called out in the work in progress section. It is one of the first thing I want to get in after the first round of bugs are out of the way

Still on mouse functions in the pinned recipes bar, mouse scrolling over an item could change the item's skin.

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