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Claymator v2 broken now?

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Hi, i am looking for a efficient way of producing Clay, so i can make ceramics.

I come across the Claymation v2 and tried to build it in sandbox, but no luck. It seams like it dosent produse mutch PO2 anymore.

Inn the original post, all the deodorizers are working at around 100T of PH2O, but mine only activate 1-3 for short durations.









If this build is broken because of some update. then what is the best way of producing clay now?


Original post is at this link: https://forums.kleientertainment.com/forums/topic/116149-claymator-v2-stay-weak-no-labor/



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I did some testing and ended up with the bottle approach. I constructed liquid tanks and deconstructed them when full. I may have gone little overboard. I just cant keep up whit the sand requirements for this one.


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