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Content Creator Back Patting

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Afaik, there is no encouragement what-so-ever from Klei regarding those who make content like streams and youtube videos about ONI.  It's actually discouraging looking at many of the content creators who've either moved onto other games or channels gone dormant.  Brothgar, Francis John, GreezyHammer, Echo Ridge Gaming and Tony Advanced are all good examples of this.

It wouldn't have to be much; a partner program, perhaps share some things to help them make better content, a forum badge, a content creator hall of fame, a virtual thank you card... something... anything... not the nothing they currently get.

Did you forget ONI's roots?  How many less players would ONI have if not for Markiplier?

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Yeah, I wouldn't know about the game if not for quill18, after that Brothgar teached me a lot.

Klei sometimes talk about them on live streams, but those are rare recently. I don't think they need to do something, but it would be a nice touch

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