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pMelter - Plastic Boiler

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7 hours ago, tuxii said:

I'm still waiting for @JRup to drop his Naphthalizer™ so in the mean time here is my pMelter.  Not every asteroid comes with Oil Reservoir so I made this so you can build a sour gas boiler on every asteroid if you so wish.




This is nice, very very nice.

Here is a little advice if you want it: since you are using jumbo batteries , you can build all the bats and generators out of steal and put them in steam. You already have a aqua for cooling, that way you will use the heat from the bats. and generators for more juice. Plus all the PW will turn in to steam so you will have and a little clean water. The automation for the water is simple, if you have more than XXXX in the steam chamber open the valve and dump the water somewhere (yes it's 95C but it's clean water :) ). The more power you use the more efficient it will get. One more plus: you can turn the steam room in to bigger battery pack and power distribution -> more heat, more power :)

But i'm stealing your build for my next colony :)

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Love the little TM symbol on the side of the naphthalizer name. I'm still on the edge of actually making it refer to the process of adding naphtha to a sour gas boiler to stabilize the temperature buildup phenomenon in sour gas boilers (just because that's the initial idea that hit me like a ton o' bricks back then but didn't know it was until I jumped into that rabbit hole...)

I haven't launched the game seriously for what has been almost a month now. I blame chinese mystic webnovels besides some other irrelevant IRL stuff...

Some days ago I took a peek at the latest version just to find out there were parts built even I had to figure out why they were there. Go figure.

The rudiments of the whole enchilada are already built on a test version but I'm aiming for a single crude oil input and well, compacting lots of spaghetti-everything...

Great compact design you've come up with, btw!

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