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Seeking space-saving alternatives for auotmation

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Rather than having to stack numerous buffer or filter gates, a timer with longer duration limits, like the Timer Sensor, that is "off" unless it's reached the end of the count, and with a reset port, that resets the count and pauses it, while it receives a signal.

A "Delay Gate"  that combines Buffer and Filter would also be nice, can have a "Filter" setting, to function like when the filter is in front.

And a limited time gate, that gives green single for a preset period, like if you had an XOR Gate where you ran the same signal through both ports, but to the second port through a Filter Gate.

I also keep wishing the automation grid was half dimensions in size, for more grid spots, but i don't know how feasible that would be.

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Basically a computer that you can program using automation, like having the interior of a space shape when you click on it and the setting up your automation in that space but the computer only being 1x2 tiles of space, same as a door.

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