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Don't Starve: Pocket Edition (Android) Update: 1.19.4

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I cant update this anymore. It asks for almost 3gb free space. 1.8gb+the 1gb free space i already freed. Even if i delete ALL my other deletable apps, it still needs 300mb. its impossible now. phone is a Huawei gr3 2017 that only has 16gb of internal storage. 

Sad.... well anyway, I'll probably just delete this and play the pc version in the STEAM DECK! wooo! I like the Dont Starve mobile, but I aint buyin a new phone for it. But I am planin on gettin a Steam Deck once its made  available for mere mortals. 

You guys optimized the pc version for the whatever firmware OS thing Steam is gonna use for the Steam Deck? 


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