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  1. How about a Silver Necklace available for Woodie as well??? Very usefull, especially if the player runs out of time of cancelling the Aporkalypse .
  2. I saw your news update in steam, and WOW. looks cool. In my brief time of playing this on PC, I installed the bundle wrap mod for the vanilla dont starve in an effort to not feel left out that such a great feature is in another game that forces me to interact with strangers. Bundling wrap mod was AWESOME. But now you guys are FINALLY making it an official part of the single player game, which is great. Now, can you please make that available in the pocket edition too??? along with REFUELING THE MAGILLUMINESCENCE. Please???
  3. "No Giants" DS: Pocket

    Giants showing up is not a sure thing. In one of my worlds, Deerclops only finally showed up in I think day 173. its like the game just tosses a coin as to whether or not you get a visit from giant meat sources. I suggest calculating if you are in the second to the last day in season. then wait for the giant to show up. If he do not show up, exit without saving (close your game without saving) and try again. Remember that autumn and spring lasts for 20 or 21 days, while Winter and summer last for 15 or 16.
  4. I have a slight problem with my screen as well in my Dont Starve Shipwrecked in Huawei Gr3, its a bit off, Its a pain to put things on slots , I have to aim higher than I should. This isnt an issue with my regular Dont Starve, so the problem isnt my phone. they changed something.
  5. Been watching Hamlet stuff on youtube and it looks very impressive. You guys will port it on mobile one day , right,??? next year maybe??? pls???