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Moonlet Frozen Forest Start = empty biomes?

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My moonlet frozen forest starts are suspiciously devoid of life. The starting forest biome is fine, but the surrounding rust and jungle biomes have no plants or animals besides a few wheezewort in the rust. Is this intended or a bug? Feels like I am starting in a boring wasteland...not fun. 

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I think that's intended as the asteroid is too cold to support life.

It is one of the more difficult starts. Furthermore with the "moonlet" starts, you are expected to have to travel to the other moonlets to find core resources, such as in this case critters. There should be at least some seeds buried around if you try digging up the buried objects.

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It turned into a very fun start! The starter biome is survivable long enough to get out and seek resources, but you can't be lazy, the cold is coming for your mealwood farm! I found two pockets of algae which was just enough O2 to live. I then got a Pol-O vent for a little more air, and a hydrogen vent for power.

Just when water and heat were running out, I teleport to the adjacent world and grab a cool steam vent. Clean, hot water saved my base! A quick CO2 rocket gets me a handful of gold and some reed. Exactly what I need to start collecting oil and pumping it back through the teleporter. Industrial brick going in next which should be easy to cool on the frozen wasteland.

I haven't started my radiation science yet, but the frozen forest comes with a satellite to help with that as well. Great fun. Objectives were challenging, but with my skill level. 

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