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Hello, on the support page it says that you need at least a 2.0 GHz dual core i5, but ihave a i3 and the game works pretty well. Is this normal? and on the steam store page, it is written only "dual core" without the i3 or i5 detail, does that mean that the game works with the different models?

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@Kalvinator Yes yes :cheerful: ...but I dont know if the game actually really checks anything with core count or actual cpu performance, in order to start the game. I`m trying to get the StarCitizen Installer to work since 2 hours, so I`ll write a bit...

Marketing tends to reuse their number schemes over the years or decades, leading or misleads customers with various numbering, letters and alterations.

The "i3" scheme from Intel goes back 12 years, where some of their latest cpu models with the tag "i3" are pretty good. In my head the i3 12100(F) is "a great Celeron", but thats me :lol:

Performance wise the i3 12100F is getting ~close or on par ( in single threading ) with the "old" i7 6700k 7700k 8700k 8086k 9700k. lga1700 socket link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/LGA_1700

Also the low power consumption of the i312100F is excellent. With cpu`s it good to look for exact and full model names - Car manufacturers also sometimes tend to mislead customers with their nomenclature of model names or their engine numbering and such.

i3 model list:


This list is your friend, for single threading performance comparisons:



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