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So today u bought don't starve and i really really reallllyyyy enjoy playing it.

So ive come to an idea about carriage. It goes something like this: A Carriage, where 2 pig's would be riding your player in it. You would have to pay 700 science points to build one and recipe is:

- 32 logs (flat ones)

- 16 rope

- 5 flint

A Carriage could ride for 3min without stopping untill a wheel breaks, wich you can build with this recipe:

-14 flat logs

A Carriage would go 2.5x than players speed (the more your pigs get hungry, the slower Carriage goes.) But in order to make pig's ride it you need to build 2 pig houses, and feed them daily or else they'll run away due to you forcing them to do the hard work while they're hungry.

EDIT: In future there would be a option to have addon to your Carriage and place ur chest in it, so you can move it around the map with you :)

EDIT2: Carriage wheels will break faster if you hit trees/boulders etc. etc.

I'll probably make some changes to this idea, or not... Who knows :)

Sorry for bad English I'm Croatian so it's harder for me D:

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and when your pigs turn into werepigs, they run off with your filled chest? I am not sure I like the idea, I must add though, that I avoid pigs a lot in my game, so every idea with pigs I read about is not very appealing to me from start.

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