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I can't join any modded servers at all

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If i try to join any modded server it will say "the server is running mods with an old version. The server owner must update the mods for new players to join." which would make sense if 
1. it wasn't for every single modded server i tried to join
2.other people are in the server its only me who can't join
any tips? im a boomer when it comes to technology so uhhh pictures please and suggestions on how to fix this

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2 hours ago, penguin0616 said:

If that error popped up, that should mean your client is trying to download some mods and something went wrong when checking versions.
It's very strange that it pops up for every modded server you join though.

Do you have a log file you can provide?

it has fixed itself i still have no idea what caused it in the first place but everything seems to be fine ill come back here if it happens again though

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