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Ouch. My head hurts. My hand is a constant reminder of the terrible choice I made, the scar still runs deep. I begin to stir, only to see a figure stood over me. Cigar smoke blows into my face. I recognise the voice when he speaks. I know not what he said, my mind was too clouded. It was him. He tricked me.

I am standing now. Unsure of where I am, my balance beginning to fail. A sharp pain stabs in my stomach. I am hungry, probably. The scar stings. Not sure why, it doesn't normally...didn't normally. But then again; this isn't ordinary.

I look to my left and right. There is a Carrot in the ground. I knew I was needing food, the searing pain in my stomach was a constant reminder of that fact. I wrenched it out of the ground, and devoured it hungrily. That need filled, I turned my attention to the environment around me. The heat was pretty dreadful. I needed some shade, and saw something in the distance, I don't know, a Tree or something. Hard to tell from this distance. Anyhow it was too hot to stay out, so I cowered under it, in the hope of some respite. I tried to sleep, but found it impossible without some sort of mattress. I crept out from my leafy refuge, and into a place where the ground was orange and dusty. It had clumps of something, the only plant able to grow there it appeared, but I was still unsure of what it was, sticking out of it. I slowly walked over to them and yanked them up. It was a kind of Grass. Nothing special. When I thought I had enough, I crawled back under the tree, and tried to fix them together.

It was hopeless. I worked all day, but to no avail. I barely even noticed that my stomach was screaming at me, wailing about it's lack of food.

It was a desperate situation. My brain had stored the words of the man "before night comes". Obviously the night held dangers. I staggered around looking for food. Clinging onto life by a thread. I found a bush, containing red berries. Back home, red berries meant poison, but this was hardly back home. No other alternative, I crawled to the Berry Bush. I was about to snatch the Berries, when bursting from the Bush came a Turkey-like beast, grabbing the Berries for itself, before hastily fleeing. It was all over. I was too exhausted to keep going. I collapsed in a heap. I felt sure that my world was going black.

A noise, next to me. I summoned all my strength, and turned over. Sitting there, a Rabbit. I reached over and made a grab, a lunge, desperation overcame me. The poor being, bewildered, had wandered too close to me. I reached with my other hand, and clunked it over the head with a nearby sharp rock. I'm not sure what. Flint probably. Rejuvenated by holding Meat in my hand, I pulled some bark off a tree, and used some Flint to spark the Camp Fire I created. It was by no means perfect, and the Meat was uncooked in places, burnt in others. But you know something?

Nothing ever tasted so good.

Night passed soon after. I was still alive! It was a close run thing, no doubt. But alive I was.

At dawn I went to retrieve the mattress I had begun making. I finished it, (much easier with a settled mind) and brought it back, towards the end of the day I guessed. It was more like a Sleeping Bag. I christened it a 'Straw Roll', and as the Sun went down, not so long later, I rolled it out. The dusk gave way to night, and as my eyes slid shut, I said to no-one in particular:

"Maybe this won't be so bad after all"

My eyes flew open. A dull pain echoed throughout my body. I was no longer in my cosy Straw Roll. This wasn't where I fell asleep. Something held me down. It was cold and slightly sticky.

A horrible choking sort of a sound rung through the air. It was swiftly responded by a roar. A roar that appeared to be getting closer. This was not good news...

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