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Hi guys, I play DST from my ps5 and I play with my girlfriend for almost two years and we love the game, we always played offline mode (because  we just can play online with a expensive  subscription payment  in Playstation) but with the time the game started to became a little bit boring.

So I started to play online and I found 4 new characters. I bought all of them to give us a "fresh air', but them THE PROBLEM  appears, WHY CAN'T WE PLAY WITH THE NEW CHARACTERS  IN OFFLINE MODE? When I found it all my hope left my body again...


Can you guys put the online characters in the offline mode? Well we payed for them.



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Yeah i found it pretty sad too that we're forced to play online if we want to use the DLC characters or use skins (this applies to the computer version as well).

I think the game would probably run way better on my old laptop in an offline server. But no way I'm not using my skins, even less likely now with Wanda around lol. I wish they were available offline too. It would be even better if we could somewhat easily switch between online and offline for any given world, in addition to those things.

I also often play with my GF and, even though we often are far apart when playing together (thus needing the online version), sometimes we play physically together as well. We once found out we could actually just connect both laptops through a cable (without needing to go through a router) and we could play wonderfully in offline worlds. Being able to go back and forth between online and offline would be amazing for us, making it easier to play anywhere, regardless of how good our internet connection is. No way I'm creating an offline world without being able to play Wanda though.

Similarly to you both, my GF and I started playing DST on the PS4. She still feels the urge to play on the PS4 instead of on the computer every now and then, but for similar reasons I'd rather not :disturbed:

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I have two possible solutions to this:

#1 allow online worlds to be switched to Offline worlds: Any items, playable characters or skins you own and we’re using in Online play prior to switching to Offline: Will be saved in your world itself: Meaning that for that one particular game save file only: You can continue to use what you were using for that world. However.. you will NOT be able to swap currently worn clothing, use clean sweep on skins, etc..

Basically it saves your online progress at the point you get knocked offline: You can continue to play.. but you won’t be able to change the skins or earn daily gifts in offline play.

(no cheating the system duplicating the same skin a million times and getting rich)

possible way to implement #2 (my preferred method) Klei Re-Releases the game as a “Complete Edition” which includes DS, DS SW, DS Hamlet, DST, all currently available skins and playable characters at the full standard triple A title price range for a new video game (Around 40-80$)  for this new “Complete Edition” all of These items are now timeless rarity values and can never be unraveled for spools- but CAN be used all you like in Offline play.

I would honestly pay for that “Complete Edition”… 

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