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My New WX Resolutions (Rework Ideas)

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Hello Guys!

So, lately I've been wondering how WX Rework could be done in such a way that I would enjoy playing as them. I had some ideas and wanted to share with you and see if you would enjoy it as much as I would (please, comment what you think down below). 

Warning: I'm a fan of the unique crafting tab that came with the past reworks.

I thought that it would be cool if, when next to a alchemy machine, WX could create their own Crafting Station, something like a Robot Science Lab, within the Science Tab.

When placed, it would allow them to craft their upgrades. This is how I think the upgrades could work: WX has 3 attributes with two levels each (maybe strength, toughness and speed). A WX can spend a total of 4 upgrades with the attributes, meaning that we would be able to upgrade 2 out of the 3 twice or 2 once and 1 twice. This would allow a server to have more than one WX and each one being different from the other and could add some replay value to them. 

The upgrade would level up that attribute and give a small buff for each level (example: strength Lv 0 - normal damage, Lv 1 - 5% more damage, Lv 2 - 15% more damage). It should be possible to reset one's upgrades, but it should be expensive and destroy all the materials spent do upgrade the first time. 

Besides that, to keep the charge idea, if WX were to be struck by a lightning, they would receive a random "upgrade" for a short amount of time (not cumulative). And, in order to make this more interesting, WX should be able to create a (expensive) late game, 1 use only, item that summons a lightning in them. 

So, what are your thoughts on these Ideas? Would you enjoy it? Why or why not? 

Thanks for the attention! 

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