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Never use catapults in the Klaus fight..

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Me and one other person tried to fight Klaus. I was Webber, they were Winona. I had a bunch of armor, a hambat, and a but of healing supplies. The fight was going well until one of Winona's catapults killed the deer that Klaus uses to summon the ice attacks. He became enraged, and ended up killing us. To anybody who has not tried fighting Klaus before, don't use catapults unless you are really prepared. Knowing the community, somebody probably knows how to destroy him using catapults but I don't really play Winona that much or know any of those methods. I've seen OrangE's videos on how to use spiders to kill bosses, but it was day 99 and we didn't have the food to spare on making nurse switcherdoodles. Could that situation be salvaged? Most likely. Did we know how to? No. 

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I wouldn't try to take out Klaus with catapults BUT if you wanted to...  and Klaus sack is near the water...  Build your catapults on a boat, start Klaus and jump on the boat.  Go back enough that he can't hit or cast on you, but doesn't walk away.  Then wait ^_^  He will go rage mode when his deer die, but that's okay.  He can't swim.

Kinda like this - but instead of walling him off and slingshotting, you get on a boat and catapult.




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