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Question about Shield of Terror and Weaponized Warble

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So, I got back to playing DST again on Playstation after a long break and got myself the Shield of Terror Which is a Weapon and Armour.
I can't get on to do a test to see if it works at the moment.

But I was thinking will the Weaponized Warb Book. work on the Shield of Terror. 
Since this weapon is also a armour piece and sits in your Weapon slot will the book lower the durability cost when you get hit as well as when you hit someone?

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I don’t know, but with the Eye Mask & Shield of Terror being repairable with as little as 2-3 redcaps or Monster Meat I doubt it??

I mean like why would you use Inspiration Meter for these two items when they can be instantly repaired in your inventory? 
Maybe you can I don’t know.. but personally I’ll stick to giving it 2 monster meats.

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Yeah I know it's pretty pointless I mean I am at the point of the game where I don't need do this, But I like the idea of carrying a Item with me that I can repair and keep. So if this could work. and it can be repaired I could take 1 Weapon with me, Which is the shield which counts as armour. Wear my enlightenment crown Which adds damage to my attacks. And also Wig has more damage with weapons anyway.. and if I happen to build it up and it works then I think it would be pretty funny to not have to carry hardly any weapons or armour and use meat or any food item to fix it. While it hardly drains. and it can support my friends gear too.

so yeah I could just walk around with a ham bat or Dark sword and not care. 

Ofc for legit bosses I will be using stronger items.
But that's my reason pretty much. might be really pointless but I feel like it could be fun.

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