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  1. [Game Update] - 122

    Hey CharlesB. With the infomation to when the Sinkholes happen. I have noticed. On a Hosted world. The sinkholes only get blocked when you invite someone like a friend. The only way to bypass this. Is to move into the caves. As the Host. Then invite your friend in. Even then. You only have 5 mins or less before the the game says Server has gone offline. Me and a friend tried going into a A dedicated server On the PS4 And the SinkHole wasen't blocked.
  2. [Game Update] - 122

    Hello, I just wanted to make a point. and ask for advice. I have been having problems since I did a update for Don't Starve Together on my Playstation 4, Where I am not Able to go into the Caves. unless I am playing on my own. And when I get more friends to join me. The caves are blocked off by this Sinkhole. I really do want to keep playing this game with my friends. But we can't enter the caves to get items.. Could someone enlighten me with some infomation? Also I would be willing to help with any infomation,