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Hot Polluted Oxygen vent (500°C)

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Hi guys,

I'm new here (on the forum, not on ONI) but I wanted to share my build to manage the hot polluted oxygen vent, because I didn't find it anywhere. It's a middle game build, as you will need steel and plastic, but nothing too complicated.

I'm in Spaced Out and this tiny asteroïd provides very few solutions for oxygen (no renewable water, no rust, no polluted dirt...) So I had to use this vent quickly before I ran out of algaes. I don't have wheezeworts either.

Here is how it works :

I open the vent room when pressure is below 1000g in the "snake room", and I open the second door, towards the pump, when temperature is below 30°C so the pump won't overheat and the polluted oxygen goes out at acceptable temperature. I have a snake of hydrogen gas running through the room to cool polluted oxygen.

This Hydrogen is cooled (to -20°C so polluted oxygen cools quickly) with thermo-regulators combined with a steam turbine (maybe crude oil and an aquatuner would have worked better, but I didn't have oil on this asteroïd and was too lazy to import it by rocket :) )

The temperate polluted oxygen gets in a deodorizers room where it's cleaned to oxygen at a nice temperature for my dupes.


And... well, that's pretty it.

Hope you'll find this interesting.

Capture d’écran (22).png

Capture d’écran (23).png

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Which asteroid cluster was this?  The frozen forest or the radioactive forest?  What did you do for oxygen before you got this system up?  What metal did you use to build the steam turbine?  How many duplicants did you have on this asteroid before you built it, and after you built it?

Also, do you have a water world in your asteroid cluster?  At bare minimum I guess you'll have much more clay than if you had imported water from the water world (if you could have made it there).  What's your source of renewable filtration medium, or if that's still a work in progress, what's your plan for such?

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