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Wormwood Rework?

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Generally Wormwood is a unique and interesting character, but as a solo character and for non repetitive character he sucks, he benefits allies more than himself and his plant befriending trait only works for two out of what, 11 plant mobs? I Believe he should be given a kind of plant friend to grow, maybe a snap tooth seed you can craft with living logs and seeds in the green thumb tab thats desc says “ Plant a friend to keep you company” or something like that , so you then craft a pot of sorts for the plant and over the course of around 25 days it becomes a snap tooth, but smaller and more similar to the first stage. You can hold the pot and have a 15% speed reduction while carrying it, it cannot be placed in your inventory and will attack all targeted enemies for 40.5 damage and would have decent range, its attack speed would be 4 seconds, but every 5 days it will grow a stage and every 2 days wormwood will say something like “Friend hungry!” and will have to feed the plant fertilizers until second last stage where it must be fed meat. It will only be able to attack at final stage and will have a health of 250 at max stage, it can attack on the ground and can move very slowly via hopping if it is attacked and it will then attack back. If its burning wherever wormwood is he will something like “Friend needs help!”. You can only have 1 snap tooth max, in the green thumb tab you can craft upgrade fertilizers to your snap tooth, you can simply upgrade the plant by feeding it, mind you only 1 effect can be active at once, the effect lasts for 6 minutes but after feeding the snap tooth the upgrade 20 times it becomes permanent, upgrades can vary from slightly higher damage fertilizers that make the snap tooth deal more damage and get a new beefier look but have some downside, or maybe a range buff, attack speed buff, etc. Make Wormwood get other upsides and downsides, idk, but I feel he deserves some much needed attention and honestly isn’t too good and he isn’t very enjoyable after a while. Also Wormwood receives a sanity drain when the snap tooth takes damage and especially when it burns, the closer wormwood is to the distressed snap tooth the bigger the sanity drain, and you can craft a name tag for the pot so you can name the plant, doing this speeds up growth by 20%.

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Fun idea! 

Although i think Wormwood is very fun to play and ive yet to get tired of him after many 1000s of days i agree that he could use some love when it comes to his crafting tab. Both the husk and the trap could use a buff imo and perhaps something entirely new too. 

Snaptooth neutrality is a big part of Wormwood’s gameplay in Hamlet in my opinion and its something that is pretty much unfulfilled/abandoned/neglected in DST because theres nothing close to snaptooths in DST. 

Personally i think it sounds more feasible if such a mob were to be added to the DST world instead of Wormwood being able to craft one, even though im pretty sure i threw out the idea of Wormwood spawning with a snaptooth seedling in his inventory too during his refresh/RWYS. 

In general i think the core of Wormwood as a character is really good, just needs better crafts and the addition of a snaptooth-like mob to DST. 

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2 minutes ago, ArubaroBeefalo said:

werepigs + easy to gather plats like lightbulbs, flowers, veggies, etc

grab stacks of those things and convert a pig into a werepig, drop the edible plants and enjoy the cr@p fest



BTW I agrree that some plant army could be fun. Maybe even not an army, but some sort of a spiky wall wich can offer protection.

From the other hand, workwood is so nice as a teammember with custome specialization so that battle options seem not to be so important. Like "wanna be a battle master - pick another character". I really love wormwood as a piecefull gardener. 

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