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Add a pressure and toxic overlay?

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This has been bothering me for a few years now, and I honestly thought it might have been added by now. why can you not see pressures for gasses at a glance? high pressure gas released into a colony early game, or even mid game, can have devastating results. accidentally steaming a waterlock on an oil reservoir releases hot gas that at high pressures will instantly kill your colonists. my suggestion is to rename the oxygen overlay to a gas overlay, and use the swapping feature of the temperature overlay to add a tab for gas pressure. going even further, you could mark toxic gasses like chlorine in a third overlay, something like "undesirables", which even at low pressures, can be devastating for a colony to have a constant debuff to athletics. 


I am aware that the second part of this is already solved by the materials overlay and the types of gas, however, implementing it like this would provide more "surface knowledge", saying that a beginner player probably shouldn't be mining right into that pocket of bleach stone as their first adventure. 





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There used to be an indicator for toxicity but then it was removed cause toxicity didn`t do anything. Then they made certain gasses and liquids do debuffs but never readded toxicity to the overlay. At this point it isn`t too much of an issue but might be handy to see when and where your dupes get stinging eyes.

Pressure is a bigger issue as it can add a ton of stress from popped eardrums and can be a danger to breathability if too much gas gets to the living zone. Definitely an overlay showing above average pressure would be useful in a lot of scenarios.

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