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The chilly glass forge

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Hmm, not Friday but we still got a build...

Anyhow, here comes the chilly glass forge, (or CGF for short, not to be confused with a chilly GF)  a build enhanced by a vacuum, but can be used with a purely CO2 environment now that oxygen masks are a thing. Flatulent dupes are still welcome if the build incorporates a way to deal with the natgas.

The glass forge can be kept in frosty conditions if in a vacuum, or a very low pressure CO2 environment to avoid excessive heat conduction from the important tile... Glass will be finally produced out at remarkably low temperatures for ease of use.

TL;DR: Don't like 1000 g/s flow, then the build might not be for you. Else: Glass forge be tamed! Glass comes out just fine. Not for uber-industrial use (like some glass gasifiers out there), but works ok on demand to fulfill regular glass needs.

Without further ado, some screenshots.

The completed build:


Cooling is provided by the thermo regulator. Do note that the heat produced by the glass forge plus the molten glass is more than enough to eventually overwhelm the cooling provided by the TR. Heat is absorbed by the sheer mass of the regular igneous gas piping and the tempshift plates. The thermo sensor that is sandwiched between autosweepers is the safety mechanism to avoid overheating set to trip at 265ºC.


Piping overlay:


The output of the forge is buffered in the piping right before the liquid valve (set to 1000 g/s). This is the secret to having decent temperatures in the resulting glass: solid glass's SHC is more than 4 times that of liquid glass. Cooling the molten glass in this way allows for more production without dealing with that much heat. The environment outside the forge's chamber is around 35ºC so if the molten glass is already above that when it gets to the liquid thermo sensor then the heat is dumped outside. Wheezy can handle it and the world beyond as well.


Automation overlay:


This is the fun part. The use of automation ribbons allows for a more compact setup. The most important takeaway from this is that any regular building that is hooked up to an automation ribbon will always write to bit 1. (This build only uses bits 1 & 2. #1 handles the glass forge's activation; #2 manages maintenance door/airlocks.)

That said: the smart storage bin and the thermo sensor are both writing to bit 1. By use of logic "simplification" (DeMorgan) the NOT gate subs in for the AND gate to activate the glass forge. This can be further enhanced by a filter gate to avoid generating dupe tasks...

The "safety stock" option is managed by the weight plate (currently 50 kg). (Buffer gate is 10s)

The automation for the thermo regulator is omitted, but using that other building should be standard...


Liquid overlay:


This pretty much shows the usage of all heavy hitters in the ONI fossil fuel derivatives.

The bottom autosweeper is in crude oil.

The thermo sensor is in super coolant (200 kg). This can be subbed for a full tile of naphtha and covered with petroleum on top...

Only the hourglass section of the glass forge is cooled (sc+petro because it's nice)

The airflow tile is the glass forge's weak point. Avoid cooling at all costs...


Mineral overlay:



Well, here it is minerals... Insulation pipes are surprisingly not the most abundant. Can ceramic be used instead?  I guess, they'll eventually warm up to the idea, but it's not that bad. (The ceramic factory is right above :grin:.)

So there it is. I've set the thermo regulator to stop working at -30º C (don't want to freeze the crude oil, mind you...) This allows for a rather cool glass forge for when it's actually used.

Can the smart bin be automated for power savings? Yes, most definitely. Some more automation will need to be crammed in and fixing up the logistics on bit 1. I can recommend Brothgar's tutorial on that smart bin arrangement. He doesn't go into much detail as to why the filter and buffer gates need to be where they are. But it's all justified with the way the Memory Toggle gate is built in ONI.

As for metals... Copper tile and copper radiant all around. Gold tile under the hourglass, gold automation to minimize penalty, not like it's needed with the metal tile spam all around.

So that's it: a sub-zero glass forge. (When the thermo regulator manages to get there, which it does.)

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7 hours ago, Fradow said:

While it looks like it could be simplified a bit

It used to be simple, glass would drip into the cooling pool after taking a spin at 1 kg/s. Things would heat up faster, and a bazillion dupes would come in a frenzy to sweep the resulting 1 kg lumps of glass into the smart bin even though there was an auto-sweeper just on top...

Ah... simple, perhaps a bigger screenshot to also show the "Kilnminator"+ Terrarium automator would do some proper injustice to the term:


Yes, those are longhair slicksters.

Also, the coal generator used to be insulated from the environment but then I decided to harness its heat deletion prowess.

I do love me some vertical liquid locks.

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5 hours ago, Isidoro said:

I always wondered why people still use the glass forge with all the (free) heat provided by magma. Still pretty neat tho :D

The personal question of whether a glass forge could be cooled to below zero temperatures and not have problems has been answered by building this...

I'm almost done pumping the whole magma biome dry and I'm using the hot abyssalite to flake what comes out of a leaky oil fissure. There is only 1 minor volcano in the map and all its production will be taken care of in other setups.

I'd still be tempted to pump the glass if I melted sand "manually"... Sand / igneous rock is not an issue in this map, so it was far more practical to go this way...

What I'm sad about is that there is no recipe in the rock crusher to actually process glass. Testing glass forge setups does leave you with a surplus of it (must.build.more.tile). This would open a path to mass reduction without having to evaporate the glass, it would be less fun, though.


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Just now, Isidoro said:

How do you use abyssalite though? afaik it has 0 heat conductivity :o

Aha! You've triggered the trap question!

  • If you mine it then it's mostly game over (unless you go the abyssolator way). But you'd still need at least some natural tile for that, so:
  • If used when it's still a natural tile, then you have a full biome full of very hot rocks just waiting to be tapped into. Because the conductivity shown is rounded to 0 but it is a non-zero value in reality.

Let's take the magma pumper for the minor volcano as an example. This has happened after several eruption cycles; note the temperature differences in the abyssalite and the fact that this is not a volcanic biome, yet it has warmed up just by being in contact with magma:


And here is where I extract heat from the abyssalite in the magma biome, I'll mine the it when it's no longer hot enough... But it's been going strong for hundreds of cycles. The heat is actually lasting me longer because I switched from boiling to flaking the crude oil.

Steam is being used in the pipes to juice that abyssalite:





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1 hour ago, Isidoro said:

is it worth tho? 

It's been going for hundreds of cycles after building it. But the answer is the same for "taming" a leaky oil fissure. The combination of both is what's worth it.

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15 hours ago, JRup said:

It's been going for hundreds of cycles after building it. But the answer is the same for "taming" a leaky oil fissure. The combination of both is what's worth it.

now that you mention it, I think I've never tamed any fissure in my games. Before SO I never had the chance, after it I've never found one (perhaps they don't show up in small asteroids)

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5 hours ago, Isidoro said:

now that you mention it, I think I've never tamed any fissure in my games. Before SO I never had the chance, after it I've never found one (perhaps they don't show up in small asteroids)

The dormancy period is wacky on those, it's one that one can't care about because the fissure doesn't...

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